Weddings are a celebration of love, where stress does not have a place.

Opulent Events works within your budget to carefully and specifically design and coordinate your dream event that exceeds your aesthetic expectations.

Lindsay Correll - Owner

Ever since I was young girl, I have always been captivated by the elegances and beauty of weddings and the symbology behind individuals hosting a celebration that may only last one night, but an event that begins forever. My particular attention to details, organizational skills, and design range, elevates couples events to truly depict their love for one another. It’s my passion to collaborate with the couple and embraces their style and focus to ensure their wedding encapsulates the client’s true selves.

Celebrating two individuals love for each other, personal successes, and pretty much anything with a “cheers” is something I love to do! Planning an event or a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact it is a fun process where cheers, popping bottles, and the red carpet is rolled out just for you!

I look forward to getting coffee, meeting for a cocktail, and getting to know you!


Little quirks about me:

  • I love cannolis and tacos.
  • I use exclamation marks a ton!
  • My favorite jams are from Timeflies. Go listen to them if you haven’t already!
  • I am a dog mom to Chase and Kyla.
  • I am also an ER Nurse.
  • I love black and white photos.
  • I love hosting get togethers, obviously.
  • I am a goof at heart and oddly know a bunch of cow jokes.
  • Wine and coffee are my favorite drinks.
  • My fiancé is a zoologist at the Minnesota Zoo. I get to meet lots of cool animals.
  • A side hobby of mine is nature and wildlife photography.